Friday, September 29, 2006

New Music

Here's another possible track from Omarion's new album '21' that's released in America on December 12th.

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This one's called 'Obsession', it features and is produced by Pharrell from 'The Neptunes':
Download - 'Obsession' ft. Pharrell

Sadie Frost 'Bears' All For PETA

English actress and fashion designer Sadie Frost has posed naked for a new anti-fur campaign for animal rights organisation PETA.

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Sadie is probably best know for her six year marriage to actor Jude Law. She was among other famous stars who also went naked for the cause. Sadie spoke out against the use of fur at London Fashion Week last week. Photos were taken by rock star and fellow vegetarian Bryan Adams.
I'm glad that the anti-fur campaigns are going on, there's no reason for people to still be wearing real fur when fakes are just as good today. I'm also glad that Sadie's a designer, but isn't afraid to be against the fur trade. Support the campaign by going to

LOST - Season 3 promo trailers

Lost season 2 may have just finished airing in the UK but season 3 is about to begin in America on October 4th. Watch these exclusive teasers to get a taste of what's coming, they even comtain new footage!

New Music

Download new Omarion and Ciara tracks:

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Omarion - 'The Truth'; taken from his new album '21'
Download - 'The Truth'

Ciara - 'Promise'; taken from her new album 'The Evolution'
Download - 'Promise'

Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Videos

Check out the latest videos from Diddy and Janet:

-Diddy feat. Nicole Scherzinger - 'Come To Me'.

-Janet Jackson feat. Khia - 'So Excited'.

Are you feeling them? Which one's better?

Paris Hilton - New Video

Here's the video for Paris Hilton's new single 'Nothing In This World'.

I honestly want to know what you guys think of this, is it genius pure pop or is she blagging a singing career? Tell us what you think, leave a comment. Also let us know if you want Paris to be up for next months Woman Of The Month poll. It's up to you!

New Music

I updated the Music Player last night, if you want to download any of the songs on it just click on the 'Music Player' link above it. I'll update it as often as I can so you lucky people can always have the latest tracks on your iPods!
Do you want Justin's new single 'My Love' feat. T.I., or Rihanna's third release 'We Ride'? Or do you want Fergie's 'Fergalicious' second single before anyone else? All you have to do is click on the download link.

Got a request for a download you don't see here? Leave a comment!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Man Of The Month Poll - Vote Now!

Vote now in our first ever Man Of The Month poll in the sidebar on the right. Who's Hott and who's not? You decide!

-Jamie Dornan; Irish model and actor, he's previously modelled for Calvin Klein and Armani. You can catch him in the up and coming film 'Marie Antoinette' with Kirsten Dunst.
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-Josh Ohl; One of the most popular fitness models on All American Guys.
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-Channing Tatum; American model and actor, you've seen him in 'She's The Man' with Amanda Bynes and he is currently starring in 'Step Up' with Jenna Dewan.
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Remember, your favourite won't return next month unless you vote!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


As you know, we hope to bring you the latest music news here on Hott2Trott before it happens. So I'd like to introduce you to UNeSS:

I first found UNeSS in a link on Danity Kane's myspace page a couple of months ago. He's just signed a record deal and is busy recording at the moment. He's also a keen producer and has produced tracks for 'Cassie's' debut album. After I listened to a couple of his tracks I found this video of him singing. Check it out, prepare to be amazed:

First time I watched that I was blown away, I love his voice. I think there are big things to come from him. Remember you saw him here first. What do you think? Do you want to see more UNeSS? For more information click onto his official website (coming soon) or his official myspace page:
UNeSS official Myspace

Woman Of The Month Poll - Vote Now!

Voting is now open, who's your favourite? Cast your vote in the poll in the sidebar on the right.

-Aubrey O'Day; one fifth of Diddy's latest chart topping signing 'Danity Kane'. Download 'Danity Kane's' new single 'Ride For You' from the Music Player now.
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-Nicole Scherzinger; shes the lead Pussycat and currently lending her vocals to Diddy's new single 'Come To Me'. Check out 'Come To Me' in the new videos post.
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-Janet Jackson; I have to explain who she is?! If you don't already know, I'm not going to tell you! Watch her new video 'So Excited' feat. Khia in the new videos post.
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If you want to see more of your favourite on Hott2Trott, vote for them now!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Hott Or Not?

I really hope that you guys are enjoying what you're finding on the blog. I'll try and fill it with as many exciting and different features as I can. I want to try and supply you with awesome photos, polls, videos and the newest music. I've got a lot of ideas about what I want to do on here...

The latest one I've had is the Man/Woman Of The Month polls. The rules are simple, I'll put six celebrities against each other for your vote each month, three guys vs. each other and the three girls face one another in separate polls. Vote for which ever one you want, and for whatever reason, the best singer/actor or whoever is the best eye-candy, just make sure your favourite wins. When the poll is closed I'll count the votes and find the winners Man and Woman Of The Month. I'll post more photos of each of the winners and they will both return next month to defend their title against four new celebrities.

I've got loads more coming for you soon, stay right here. Got any comments/suggestions about what you've seen or would like to see? Leave a comment!

Making The Band 3 - Flashback


I was a massive 'Making The Band 3' fan and love the group that was made during the show 'Danity Kane'. I'm going to post my favourite bits from the show that lasted three seasons every now and then. This particular clip is from season 2 when Diddy took the girls to Miami, and the video below shows the girls at an elimination right before two girls get sent home. I loved watching the eliminations, because everyone knew the pressure was on and they really had to step up their game. Check out Shannon destroying Dominique in the 'Milkshake' dance-off (00:35). It was a bit of a no contest really!

Other bits to look out for are when Dominique is asked to sing solo and wows Diddy with her voice, she had to redeem herself some how after the terrible dancing, and painful facial expressions. I also like the Denosh vs. Taquita '1,2 Step' dance-off, they both did really well and it looks awesome.

Danity Kane Riding Success

Diddy's new girlgroup 'Danity Kane' are going from strength to strength after their self-titled album debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart. It's been announced that the girls will release 'Ride For You' as their second single from the album.

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The annoucement came after fans were asked to vote for their favourite song on the album and 'Ride For You' came out on top ahead of last single 'Showstopper' which came second. Here are the top five songs according to the poll:

1. Ride For You (28202 votes)
2. Showstopper (27860 votes)
3. Hold Me Down (19133 votes)
4. Sleep On It (15645 votes)
5. Right Now (7692 votes)

You can listen to 'Ride For You' on the Music Player above, tell us what you think of it, leave a comment. For more information click on the website:

MTV's Totally Boyband

MTV UK have recently started a new reality show called 'Totally Boyband'. The basic idea of the show is to take guys who have previous been in boybands and bring different members together to create a new group, who have been named 'Upper Street'. The four boys chose the name, as it's the name of the street where they're living in London while recording and promoting their new material.

Meet 'Upper Street':
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(left to right) Danny from 80's boyband 'New Kids On The Block', Bradley from pop group 'S Club 7', Jimmy formerly of '911' and Dane from R'n'B fourpiece 'Another Level'.

The show has been documenting the group's development from getting to know each other through to recording and writing the new single 'The One' and promotion. They recently showed off their new video in an exclusive interview on MTV. Check it out;

Upper Street's new single 'The One' released October 23rd.

'Totally Boyband' is currently being shown on Sundays on MTV UK. For more information click onto the official website at:

So what do you guys think, have they got what it takes to regain chart success?

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Welcome to my new blog Hott2Trott. Lots of fun on the way, I hope you enjoy your stay and like what you find here. Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions or leave me a message in the Shoutbox if you'd prefer. Stay locked on Hott2trott... xxx