Friday, January 16, 2009

Hunter Cross - get your kit off...

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Apparently, this dude had something to do with Paris Hilton at some point?!
...Oh, Hunter, please, put the air-head Barbie down!
He is currently modeling, represented by Major.
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David Gandy - take your clothes off for me...

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David Gandy for Paul Kehl.
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The Return


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hott2Trott's Man Of The Year 2006 - Vote Now!

Voting is now open for both the 'Man/Woman Of The Year' polls! Cast your vote now! Voting closes at midnight 31st of December 2006, and the winners will be crowned with the coveted titles. Please consider your vote carefully, who do you think has had the best year career-wise, who's achieved something worthy of the title 'Man/Woman Of The Year'? The candidates for the titles have all been decided by you, the three biggest percentage scorers from the previous '...Of The Month' polls throughout the year have returned to slug it out in a bout of the heavyweights.
Here are the top scorers from the Men's polls this year, and potential winner's of the 'Man Of The Year' title:

-Jake Gyllenhaal is the first of our male finalists. His highest score this year was 57%, which he got for winning the December poll. He's had a rather quiet year, publicity wise, as he's been busy filming two films, 'Zodiac and 'Rendition', which are both due for release in 2007.
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-Channing Tatum could probably be considered the 'Break Out' act of the year, considering that he was little known about a year ago, he's made massive leaps forward by becoming a fully fledged movie star and starred in some of the year's biggest blockbusters including 'Step Up' and 'A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints'. Channing has also scored the highest percentage win this year out of all of our male and female finalists with a massive 76% in the first 'Man Of The Month' poll in September. But has he got your vote for 'Man Of The Year'?
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-Justin Timberlake has had a massively successful year with the release of his sophomore album 'FutureSex/LoveSounds'. He scored the third highest percentage score all year with 50% in October.
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Don't wait til it's too late, vote now! Who deserves the title of Hott2Trott's first ever 'Man Of The Year'? You decide!

Hott2Trott's Woman Of The Year 2006 - Vote Now!

Voting to decide 'Hott2Trott's Woman Of The Year' is also now open in the polls in the sidebar on the right. And here are your biggest percentage winners and candidates from the past four months:

-First up; Beyoncé. She is actually the first Woman or Man in our poll history to win two months results in a row, she was then followed by Jake Gyllenhaal winning the Men's result for both November and December a few days ago. Beyonce's biggest winning result was 48% in October.
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-Nicole Scherzinger, lead Pussycat and soon to be solo artist. She returns after winning the very first 'Woman Of The Month' poll way back in September. She earned her place in this '...Of The Year' poll with that result, beating out both Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day and Janet Jackson with the winning percentage of 44%. But does she get your vote for 'Woman Of The Year'?
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-Britney Spears was probably famed for her personal life more than her musical career this year. Her wild partying ways made sure she was front page news on all of the tabloids. She won her place in the '...Of The Year' poll with her winning 44% result in December's 'Woman Of The Month' poll.
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So who gets your vote? Make your choice wisely, who's had the biggest impact on your year? Vote Now!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Leona Lewis Wins X Factor!

After my prediction that Leona would win the X Factor, she was crowned the first female winner of the UK talent show on Saturday night. Check it out:

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Man Of The Month - December; Vote Now!

The December polls are now open, but for only two weeks this month. As on the 18th of December two new polls will be opened; the three men that have scored the largest percentages overall in each month's winning poll so far this year will return and face each other in Hott2Trott's first ever 'Man Of The Year', voting will close at midnight on the 31st of December and the winner will be crowned! Same goes for the women's poll too. So get casting your votes quickly for December's polls and your favourite might be in with a chance of winning the title of 'Man/Woman Of The Year' if they score high enough! Jake Gyllenhaal won November's 'Man Of The Month' poll and returns for December's to defend his title.

-The latest James Bond and over-night sex symbol Daniel Craig is first of our entrants this month. Catch him as 007 in Casino Royale at cinemas everywhere now, and check him out looking Hott in his little blue trunks filming a scene for the movie below!
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-Beyoncé's 'Dreamgirls' co-star Jamie Foxx is also up for the title of December's 'Man Of The Month'.
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-And November's poll winner Jake Gyllenhaal is currently filming for his new film 'Rendition' due for release in 2007.
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Who's your favourite? Vote Now!

Woman Of The Month - December; Vote Now!

Voting for December is now open. Beyoncé is the returning champ from November's poll this month. She actually achieved a new Hott2Trott record by being the first person in either the Man or Woman Of The Month polls history by winning two months votes in a row, she won with a close 47% of the vote, followed by Eva Longoria with 33% in second place. You know what do by now, make your choice and cast your vote! Polls can be found in the usual place in the sidebar on the right.

-New Hott2Trott record holder, Beyoncé will finally be hitting the big screen in 'Dreamgirls' this month, and rumours are circling that she could even have an oscar nomination on her hands...
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-Britney is rarely out of headlines at the moment, but probably not for the right reasons, she's adopted a new partygirl attitude since befriending Paris Hilton and filing for divorce from Kevin Federline.
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-And finally Gwen Stefani is currently riding high in the charts with her new releases 'The Sweet Escape' and 'Wind It Up'. Check out the video for her new single 'Wind It Up' in the new videos post in the November archive.
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Will Beyoncé win again and return for a third month? Its up to you, make your choice now!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Video - Danity Kane

As promised; check out Danity Kane's video for new single 'Ride For You'...

Personally, I'm not lovin' this, maybe it's because the song is just amazing, and I expect a lot from the girls, but this video just looks budget and is a bit boring really. You know when you see an amazing video for the first time, and it makes the song, it takes it to another level, this video really doesn't do that. They haven't made a really strong video yet because I didn't like Showstopper either. The song's still hot though!