Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hott2Trott's Woman Of The Year 2006 - Vote Now!

Voting to decide 'Hott2Trott's Woman Of The Year' is also now open in the polls in the sidebar on the right. And here are your biggest percentage winners and candidates from the past four months:

-First up; Beyoncé. She is actually the first Woman or Man in our poll history to win two months results in a row, she was then followed by Jake Gyllenhaal winning the Men's result for both November and December a few days ago. Beyonce's biggest winning result was 48% in October.
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-Nicole Scherzinger, lead Pussycat and soon to be solo artist. She returns after winning the very first 'Woman Of The Month' poll way back in September. She earned her place in this '...Of The Year' poll with that result, beating out both Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day and Janet Jackson with the winning percentage of 44%. But does she get your vote for 'Woman Of The Year'?
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-Britney Spears was probably famed for her personal life more than her musical career this year. Her wild partying ways made sure she was front page news on all of the tabloids. She won her place in the '...Of The Year' poll with her winning 44% result in December's 'Woman Of The Month' poll.
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So who gets your vote? Make your choice wisely, who's had the biggest impact on your year? Vote Now!

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